The Benefits Of Using Pre Workout Supplements

There are many types of bodybuilding supplements on the market, and they are all different. There are pre-workout as well as post workout supplements. The former is designed to provide sufficient energy to the muscles by burning more fat to meet your energy demands when working out. Post-workout supplements, on the other, had been meant for recovery. They basically bridge the energy deficiency created during the workout and help the muscle tissue to recover. Protein supplements are meant to provide the body with the amino acids needed to create more cells and increase the size of muscle tissue. If you would like to get rid of most of your body fat, therefore, you should consider using BCAAs. This is a class of bodybuilding supplements that are known to prevent the body from losing muscle tissue when you are on a calorie deficient diet.

What Happens to Your Body When Dieting

When you start dieting, your main goal is to reduce your calorie intake to create a calorie deficiency in the body. This will force the body to convert body fat into energy. The end result is weight loss, so you can be assured of having a leaner body. However, this is not the only thing that happens. When dieting, the body will also try to hold on to fatty tissue and this may lead to skeletal muscle loss. Since you are trying to increase your muscle mass, this is undesirable.

Secondly, the body will try to break down proteins in your muscle tissue to release amino acids to be used for metabolic fuel. Furthermore, muscle protein synthesis will also be reduced because of the calorie deficiency. As you can see, dieting can adversely affect your muscle mass in a number of ways. The good news is that BCAAs can help you to grow your muscles and lose body fat at the same time.

Benefits of BCAAs

i) Improved Protein Synthesis

BCAAs stands for branched-chain amino acids. These unique amino acids are known to boost protein synthesis, which is the process through which the body produces new muscle proteins. By increasing protein synthesis, BCAAs can help you to grow your muscles while you are dieting.

ii) Reduced Rate of Protein Breakdown

When you are on a lean diet the body will break down muscle protein to produce amino acids for metabolic fuel. When you use BCAAs, however, this will be reduced. A lower level of protein breakdown means that you can make huge gains faster.

iii) Have Intense Workouts

BCAAs supplementation can improve the quality of your workouts. This is because they reduce the amount of serotonin produced, and this will help you to exercise harder for longer without feeling exhausted. After all, serotonin is usually what makes you feel fatigued during a workout session.