Important Facts About Amino Acid Supplements

Amino acids come from proteins, which are essential for repairing tissue, maintaining muscle and controlling other body processes. You can consume these amino acids in a variety of ways including whole-food proteins or supplements. If you consume protein rich foods, your body will break it down to create amino acids that the cells typically use to build a new protein that that body might need. You can also access amino acid supplement as individual amino acids or a combination of several amino acids. Popular amino acid supplements sold over the counter include Branched-chain Amino Acids (BCCA), tryptophan, tyrosine, and glutamine, which athletes actually need.

Food sources vs. supplements

Some athletes consume a lot of protein-rich foods such as red meat to get amino acids. While red meat is a good source of proteins, it might not be an ideal source for everyone. For example, meat might not appeal to vegetarians or athletes who need BCAAs immediately. It might also not be a good choice for people with a poor appetite or those who suffer from nausea after workouts. Additionally, it can be very difficult to work out on a full stomach if you need the amino acids before you workout or during a strenuous session.

While other meats such as chicken, fish, and pork are rich in protein, they do not contain as much BCAAs. Vegetarians also get partial amino acids from soy, nuts, and beans. The foods, however, have very limited amount of BCAAs which aren’t absorbed as fast as Amino acid supplements. That’s why it’s important to take supplements.

How to consume BCAA

Unflavored BCAA can be unpalatable and quite frankly an unpleasant way to consume Amino acids. That’s why multiple companies have developed flavored supplements that can easily dissolve in drinks such as water or juice. If you purchase a flavorless mix, you could dissolve it into delicious smoothies. This way, you’ll be able to consume carbohydrates and amino acids at the same time. Avoid anything with a lot of calories or sugar, though. This might lead to a lot of weight gain that will make it difficult to exercise or engage in sporting activity. Visit for great reviews of supplements that you’d actually like.


BCAAs Encourage faster recovery

Overworked muscles get sore, injured, cramped and strained faster. BCAA supplements help athletes recover quickly from workouts by increasing muscle protein synthesis and protecting the strained muscle. This will allow them to exercise more than once a day without straining anything, ultimately improving your fitness levels.

Improves mental focus

Studies show that athletes who take amino acid supplements have better memory and processing abilities. This is very important in sporting activities, especially those that require athletes to strategize and think on their feet. Endurance athletes particularly need to concentrate during marathons, workouts and other activity. When depleted and unable to concentrate, taking Amino acid supplements will go a long way in giving them the focus that they need.

In addition to this, the supplements also reduce mental fatigue which is common after strenuous activities. Serotonin, a component that increases fatigue and feelings of exhaustion, is produced during workouts. Taking BCAAs will reduce the serotonin levels and keep you feeling great.

Increased Endurance

Many athletes, especially those who quickly use up a lot of energy, deplete their glycogen levels quickly leading to exhaustion and ultimately poor performance. BCAAs help the body use up fat instead of glycogen enabling you to work out for longer. The supplement is also helpful for those who try to lose weight or training on low-carb diets.

Improved sports performance

Improving mental focus, repairing tissue and increasing endurance will lead to better performance. You’ll be able to work out and engage in sporting activities for long periods of time. The mind will work better, allowing you to focus on sporting activity and make better decisions.


There are a variety of BCAA supplements. Some can be taken before, during or after workouts. They could also come as vitamins or weight loss pills. If you are interested in some, you could purchase them online or in stores. However, you need to be careful to avoid buying counterfeits. Read several reviews and ask others who might be taking BCAA to recommend a dealer.